About Us

Egykuw is Kuwait based registered company operating since the year 2005 in the areas of logistics, transportation, engineering and maintenance. We offer a world-class range of equipment with high quality and premier services for the Middle Eastern market. Egykuw also provides safe and efficient services for long term or short-term rental of equipment with or without operators. Our highly trained experts offer you comprehensive services on time. Renting our well-maintained equipment and prompt support services makes the difference that count every day. Our vast knowledge and experience enable us to often provide our clients with innovative, always practical and cost-effective solutions to their equipment rental requirements. We operate under the highest code of Safety and Environment Protection and provides value added and cost savings in all aspects of our services.

Our objective

Our objective is to be the leading professional service company serving the needs of our customers with quality, integrity, and affordability. We will ensure total customer satisfaction throughout the life of all contracts and Purchase Orders, adopting the customer’s mission as our own and innovatively addressing customer challenges. Our employees provide superior quality services to meet the needs of our customers. We are all committed to establishing the supportive environment, team work, and disciplined process required to safely accomplish our objective.

We have a proven track record in meeting deadlines no matter how tight and ‎the efficiency of our procurement and logistics departments means that our ‎trucks are constantly delivering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the ‎Iraq / Kuwait theatre. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction, ‎and this philosophy is fundamental to the company, this commitment and the ‎trust that our customers place in us has enable Egykuw to face and ‎overcome stiff competition in the local and international market.

We have demonstrated its total commitment to customer satisfaction. The company energy is focus on satisfying its customers by working closely with them to understand their needs and work out the best strategy to fulfill them. We can satisfy even the most demanding customers through the hard work of its experienced employees. We strongly believe that fluent communication, prompt responses and smooth follow-up are crucial aspects of the Logistics industry.

Safety Plan

Egykuw has a health, safety and environment policies and procedures, which are well applied and carried out in all its different departments and divisions. These policies and procedures regarding issues were meant to protect employees, equipment, property, third parties and the environment from any kind of injury, loss or damage.

Health and Safety Program

Safety and performance are Egykuw commitment to its valued customers. The management has established a safety program system in accordance with the international standards. Our policy is to introduce our employees who are made aware of safety requirements and safe environment is maintained during all our operations at all times. egykuw qualified staff is continuously communicated to maintain very high safety standards and implement the safety program and keep the employees aware of the latest safety requirements.


  • Written safety system procedures
  • Goals and objectives for our safety program
  • Safe environment at all times
  • Employees training program to maintain up to date knowledge of equipment and safety requirements.
  • Safety orientations and meetings
  • Adherence to the local safety regulations

Contents of the Safety Plan and Procedure

We have an organized safety program to satisfy our responsibility under the law to ensure following of our employees to the safety rules of the facility and the project location. The program followed includes the following trainings:

  • First Aid Procedures
  • Safety and Health Training
  • Specific Safety Program
  • Safety Meetings
  • Facility Safety Inspection
  • Equipment & Vehicle Safety
  • Injury and Illness Recording
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Accident and Incident Reporting
  • Emergency Preparedness including Evacuation
  • Fire Protection and Prevention
  • Inspections and Audits
  • Medical Examinations
  • Material Handling and Waste Disposal
  • Hazard Identifications and Signage’s
  • Environmental Conditions